Issue with creating multiprocess cef popup browser

Issue #2326 invalid
Rahul Chavan created an issue

I want to embed cef in my already existing application which will open cef browser with post request to my web service. But after closing the cef browser instance I am unable to create aother cef browser instance. And if I created it manually it is not calling the rendering and client process functions by itself.

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  1. Marshall Greenblatt

    What OS and CEF version? Does the problem reproduce with the cefclient sample application?

  2. Rahul Chavan reporter

    OS is windows 7 . And I am using latest version of CEF3 which is builded using CMAKE. It has generated binary for CEF3 (3.3202.1680.g700054b_windows64).

    I have one library project which contains all the cef code. And a mfc project from which I am trying to launch CEF on button click. When button is clicked multiple times or after closing cef I am not able to start cef again.

    Please provide any such example I am stucked?

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