Update branch 3202 to latest chromium version to mitigate side channel attacks

Issue #2366 resolved
Akash Jana created an issue

Per https://github.com/v8/v8/wiki/Untrusted-code-mitigations, Chromium 64 has mitigation to prevent side channel attacks. Per the post, v8 must be updated till https://chromium.googlesource.com/v8/v8/+/e6eddfe4d1ed9d96b453d14b84ac19769388d8b1/ but i see that for branch 3282, the last update was to version 64.0.3282.71 which doesn't reference the mentioned commit in v8 or higher.

It looks like 64.0.3282.104 refers to v8 where the Build.gn files has the flag --untrusted-code-mitigations set to true as mentioned in the post. Can we please get a priority update so we can move to the latest client? I understand that chromium 64 is expected to be stable on January 23 per https://www.chromium.org/Home/chromium-security/ssca, is there going to be an update on the stable date ?

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  1. Marshall Greenblatt

    3282 branch is currently being updated to 64.0.3282.119. Builds should be available from Spotify in a few days.

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