Crash when using a proxy with extensions disabled

Issue #3075 duplicate
John Moore created an issue

Issue 2830 was closed without addressing the issue, so the crash persists. Feel free to close this issue as a duplicate if you re-open the original issue.

A null pointer dereference can occur when extensions are disabled and a proxy server and/or pac script is used. The crash will happen if an error occurs while proxying a request (proxy server fails or can’t be contacted) or using a pac script with a syntax error. Using the appropriate win32 Spotify build of cefclient, the following crash can be reproduced via:

cefclient.exe --disable-extensions --proxy-server=127.0.01:8888

The issue stems from CEF not registering an extensions browser client (g_extension_browser_client is null) when extensions are disabled, but ProxyConfigMonitor::OnRequestMaybeFailedDueToProxySettings and ProxyConfigMonitor::OnPACScriptError both assume that if ENABLE_EXTENSIONS is defined during compile that an extensions browser client will exist for forwarding an event to and unfortunately the subsequent event forwarding/dispatch code doesn’t do any sort of null checking.

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