SSO Authentication issue when using windows hello method (Passwordless Authentication)

Issue #3275 wontfix
Aadithan Deiveegarajan created an issue
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When entering an SSO URL on the sample application we have an option called “Sign-in Options“ for authenticating without a password eg. Windows Hello (Face), PIN, Security Key, etc. When using the PIN option we are getting an error "We had a problem authenticating you. Please try again." In google chrome, it is authenticated without even asking for PIN (Maybe it is because we have already authenticated when logging in to the system). If we haven't chosen a sign-in option and proceeded with the email and password option everything is going smooth. For testing, we can use any URL (Microsoft 360 / Visual studio subscription ).

Few discussions we have found online about this problem

  1. What is the expected output? What do you see instead? We should be able to login without any issues.
  2. What version of the product are you using? On what operating system? 98.1.210 (Windows 10)
  3. Does the problem reproduce with the cefclient or cefsimple sample application at the same version? How about with a newer or older version? It is reproducible in CEFSharp Winform sample with the previous versions too.
  4. Does the problem reproduce with Google Chrome at the same version? How about with a newer or older version? No

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