how to build a cef project on the embedded linux(arm) without windows supported?

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leon. created an issue

hi, all buddy:

may I ask a question, can I use the cef project on a embedded linux device without x-windows?If possible, how to achieve it?

In my device, it’s just ARM64+linux’kernel, and basiclly root filesystem(eg, busybox), there is no any x-window;

I want to implement a projet, the CEF can runs on the device , and the output is HDMI base on framebuff。


my device: ARM64 + linux’s kernel +busybox,surpport HDMI as output.

I rebuild the cef project followed by the

I try to remove all about x-windows in cef project,however,after it done, I run the “cefsimple” file on ARM64, it failed.

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