Burst of uncaptured audio after creating browser

Issue #3319 wontfix
Nicholas Chapman created an issue


I’m using CefAudioHandler to capture audio from a browser.

The audio capture generally works (i.e. instead of playing through the system audio output, it is sent to OnAudioStreamPacket).

However there is a short burst of audio (50 or 100ms) after the browser is created, and presumably before the audio capture starts working.

This burst of audio plays through the usual system audio output, at full volume.

I’m using CEF built from source, Branch 4951, Windows 10.

windowless_rendering_enabled = true

windowless_frame_rate= 60

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  1. Marshall Greenblatt

    This sound only occurs on browser creation if a CefAudioHandler is provided?

    Does it reproduce with ceftests --gtest_filter=AudioOutputTest.*?

    What sound card do you have? Does it reproduce on other computers / sound cards?

    How does it behave with older CEF versions?

  2. Nicholas Chapman reporter

    Hi Marshall,

    to be a bit more precise, I think what the burst of audio is, is 50 to 100ms of what would be played normally, if audio capture was not started, After 50 or 100ms the audio capture starts. Does that make sense?

    I’ll try your other suggestions soon and reply.

    Can also make a vid if you want to see and hear it.

  3. Marshall Greenblatt

    Would a viable workaround be loading about:blank first when the browser is created, and then navigating to the target URL? Or does the problem occur after navigation as well?

  4. Nicholas Chapman reporter

    I have worked around it by setting


    But I thought I would still file an issue report.

  5. Marshall Greenblatt

    Marking as WontFix because a workaround exists and we are unlikely to debug/fix this issue. If someone else would like to debug this issue and propose a fix then we can reopen.

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