Selection and caret position is incorrect in an unconfirmed IME composition when using OSR in Windows

Issue #3321 duplicate
Andrew Smith created an issue

It does not seem possible to navigate the unconfirmed text using the arrow keys. The entire text remains selected.


  • Run the cefclient app using osr. e.g.
    cefclient.exe --multi-threaded-message-loop --no-sandbox --off-screen-rendering-enabled --enable-gpu
  • Change the windows language to Japanese

    * Type kyou * Press space

    * Try using arrow keys to navigate the text


The unconfirmed text remains selected and one cannot navigate the text. One should be able to change the caret within the unconfirmed text so that one could type and insert or change some of the unconfirmed text before confirming. If you try the same steps without OSR enabled then it works as expected.

I think part of this may be a bug in the impl of the osr window where it’s using the entire composition as the range but I think there is more to it than that.

Note I reproduced this using the 100.0.22 version of the cefclient.

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