Render process crash with deep DOM structures

Issue #3323 duplicate
Dave Tarkowski created an issue

If you load the attached file, smallRepro.html, in the cefclient.exe sample application on Windows, it will cause a crash in the render process. If you change the number of elements, for example by changing the 45 on line 23 to 44, the crash no longer occurs.

I was able to reproduce this using the cefclient.exe app from both the current v100 build, cef_binary_100.0.24+g0783cf8+chromium-100.0.4896.127_windows64_client.tar.bz2, and the v101 beta, cef_binary_101.0.13+g485fa78+chromium-101.0.4951.41_windows64_beta_client.tar.bz2. Further investigation indicates that this issue was introduced between v90 and v91.

This was reproduced on a Windows 10 machine.

I am not able to reproduce this from Chrome.

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