Linux: Running CEF simple consumes too high virtual memory with osr

Issue #3346 wontfix
娜 魏 created an issue

cef version: cef_binary_101.0.15+gca159c5+chromium-101.0.4951.54_linux64
os: Linux

command line: ./cefsimple --no-sandbox --off-screen-rendering-enabled

Every time you use CEF simple to simulate an OSR scenario, CEF simple will occupy too high virtual memory(vsz). Is it the wrong way to use it or is the virtual memory occupied in the Linux environment too high?

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  1. Marshall Greenblatt

    The cefsimple app does not support off-screen rendering. How does Google Chrome at the same version behave on your system?

  2. 娜 魏 reporter

    Modify the code of cefsimple to support osr window-less function,and it also takes up too high memory when running cefclient

  3. Marshall Greenblatt

    Why does virtual memory take up to 30G+ when running Google Chrome on Ubuntu?

    Is that what your testing with Google Chrome shows?

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