In fullscreen on Mac, an HTML 'title' attribute causes the window to blank behind tooltip

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Tom K created an issue

When in fullscreen mode on Mac, an HTML 'title' attribute causes the window to blank when displayed.

We recently updated an old CEF app from 80 to 102.0.10, and everything works perfectly except that when the mouse is hovered over an element that has a ‘title’ attribute, the tooltip is displayed properly, but the entire screen goes white behind it. Existing fullscreen fixes the issue, and it works normally if fullscreen was never entered.

We are not using OSR and it’s using standard HTML title/tooltip.

The app was originally based on cefsimple, but was modified to have a MainWindow that made itself fullscreen and set the CEF browser and a child.

Here’s some snippets to give an idea of what’s happening:

CefRefPtr<SimpleHandler> handler(new SimpleHandler(false));
fullScreenOptions = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObject: [NSNumber numberWithBool: YES] forKey: NSFullScreenModeAllScreens];
[[[self window] contentView] enterFullScreenMode:[NSScreen mainScreen] withOptions:  fullScreenOptions];


NSView* contentView = [[self window] contentView];
NSSize contentSize = [contentView frame].size;
CefWindowInfo window_info;
CefRect * rect = new CefRect(0, 0, contentSize.width,
                            contentSize.height - [closeButton frame].size.height);
window_info.SetAsChild((__bridge CefWindowHandle) contentView, *rect);

std::stringstream ss;
ss << "<html><body bgcolor=\"white\"><h2 title=\"LOLOLOLOL\">urg</h2> Hovering over 'urg' causes blank screen.</body></html>";

CefBrowserSettings browser_settings;
// Create the first browser window.
browser = CefBrowserHost::CreateBrowserSync(window_info, handler, GetDataURI(ss.str(), "text/html"), browser_settings, nullptr, nullptr);

I’ve not found any existing issues similar to this. I’ve created a trimmed-down version of the code, but it’s still a bit unwieldy. I’m super new to Mac, to it’s entirely possible there’s something missing.

  • Mac 12.3.1 / SDK 12.3.
  • CEF 102.0.10.
  • XCode 13.4.1

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  1. Tom K reporter

    If you mean Google Chrome in full screen mode (fn-F), tooltips work on in my Chrome, which is 103.0.5060.53. I tried to follow the weird process to download documented on the chromium website for getting old builds, but couldn’t find that version for mac (102.0.5005.115).

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