Windows: OSR: Large animated GIF sometimes outputs white frames

Issue #3350 wontfix
tad chen created an issue

When cefclient in OSR mode opens a webpage, in which there is a large gif image with the size of about 8MB, all white frames and data frames of gif image are outputed in turn sometime.

The gif image file is converted from a movie file, thus the expected output is that animation frames are outputed continuously. But now instead it's interrupted by all white frames.

This occured occasionally. Sometime it works correctly. And it’s found only in OSR mode.

Both cef_binary_95.7.18+g0d6005e+chromium-95.0.4638.69_windows32_client and cef_binary_100.0.23+ga1e2187+chromium-100.0.4896.127_windows32_client package have this bug. I run them in Win10.

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  1. tad chen reporter

    I tested again in cef_binary_102.0.10+gf249b2e+chromium-102.0.5005.115_windows32_client and cef_binary_102.0.10+gf249b2e+chromium-102.0.5005.115_windows64_client packages.

    Both of them have the same problem, but 64bit version occurred less.

    Nothing is found in debug.log of 32bit version.

    Errors In the debug.log of 64bit version:] Failed to read manifest or verify installation for Widevine Content Decryption Module;] Passthrough is not supported, GL is disabled, ANGLE is.

  2. Alex Maitland

    Have you tested on a different computer? One specifically with different hardware.

    What GPU are you using?

  3. tad chen reporter

    I’ve tested on another computer with different hadrware and found the same problem.

    My GPU is Inter(R) UHD Graphics 630.

    Whether enable GPU or not In cef initialization, it always has the problem.

  4. Marshall Greenblatt

    We are unlikely to debug this issue. You are welcome to debug this issue yourself and propose a fix, in which case this ticket can be reopened.

  5. tad chen reporter

    I find that the issue will disppear if I change the time between two frames of the gif from 0.03s to 0.1s. It’s the speed not the size that cause the issue. Gif will output white frames if it plays too fast.

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