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  1. santosh mahto
  • Move X11 dependency under compile time flag.

  • Mus Support Added.

Comments (12)

  1. santosh mahto author

    I have addressed comments in this patch. Could you looks again. Regarding manifest, I have used the older manifest file with name changed and kept under libcef/common/service_manifests.

  2. Marshall Greenblatt

    Thank you for your patience with the review process. This PR is looking pretty good. Have you tested it with a normal Linux build to make sure nothing has broken there?

    Once the merge conflicts and comments are addressed I think we can merge this to master. I'm working on a Chromium update currently so there might be one more round of merge conflict resolution before that point.

  3. santosh mahto author

    Thanks for showing interest to merge it, I have addressed all your comments , rebased with latest cef to avoid conflicts, and also did some more cleanup, like removing extra manifests. For all the patchset I have been testing with linux build on x11 to avoid any regression, I think it would be good to have final look from again

  4. santosh mahto author

    @Marshall Greenblatt : I revisited the patch and updated it as per latest CEF, since the manifest stuffs are already applied with chromium rebase, now this patch requires lesser changes. With this changes Ozone build (with use_ozone) and X11 (use_x11/default) builds are seperated by compile time flag. As of now ozone build works but running CEF for different ozone will work once external window mode is merged in chromium which is being seperately developed by igalia folks (here)and now is in alpha testing.

    Locally I tested this patch with ozone-wayland-dev branch and I can launch CEF for wayland and x11 platform seperately and I verified that it doesn't break any default CEF X11.

  5. santoshmahto

    I have updated this long pending patch, which was blocked due to chromium official repository content layer doesn’t supported ozone without Mus, Now Mus has been deprecated

    and content module supports ozone build for different platform, which allows to directly build CEF with this patch for different ozone platform.

    @Marshall Greenblatt : I would appreciate if you could review it and take it forward.