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(WIP) Add better Ozone/Wayland/X11 support

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NOTE: this work is complete. I’ve started to upstream patches starting from updating the cefclient to gtk3. This is a reference pr and will be closed later.


This patchset adds better ozone support so that client applications can embed cef/ozone + wayland or x11 window into their windows.

The changes done:

  1. update gtk client to gtk3 (osr case doesn’t work yet. many gl errors are emitted, but std case works almost fine).

  2. add ozone/x11 support

  3. add ozone/wayland support through subsurfaces.

  4. add support to build the ozone through cef_create_project script. One should just pass use_ozone=true to be able to build with ozone enabled.

What works:

  1. Everything seem to work. However, more testing is required.

What is broken:

  1. I’m not aware about any problems yet.

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