Add support for muting a browser

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  1. Tom Jakubowski

closes #1806

  • Issues #1806: Add support for muting a browser resolved

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  1. Tom Jakubowski author

    apologies if this breaks project etiquette… @mgreenblatt15 ping? Is this feature desirable for CEF mainline? If so, anything I can do to help move this along?

  2. Matt Desrosiers

    Hi all, Wondering what the status of this PR is as this requirement has just come up for a project I'm working on. I'm able to use --mute-audio CLI switch but this needs to be done at the time I spawn the browser whereas this would allow me to mute tabs on the fly. Thanks!

  3. Tom Jakubowski author

    Hey Matt,

    We're applying the patch on our local builds (2704 branch) and it seems to work on OS X and Linux. I haven't yet had time to update this MR to address Marshall's comments.

  4. jstrub

    We’re really interested in getting this functionality into the release. The merge fix looks really simple, easy to merge. How do we get this done? I’ve not done it before here but I’m willing to give it a shot if necessary.

    1. Ryan Foster

      Likewise, I’d like to see this through. If @jstrub or I has to submit a new PR which resolves the merge conflicts and inline comments, then I am also willing to lend a hand where I can.

    1. Ryan Foster

      I say just do it. Make sure to address Marshall’s inline comments here first, and mention on the new PR that it’s meant to supersede this one. That seems like the best way to move this forward at this time.