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Marshall Greenblatt created an issue

CEF currently targets JDK8 which will exit support in January 2019. At this point we're thinking about moving to JDK11 which released this month (September), and then tracking the JDK version more closely going forward (updating approximately every 6 months with the new JDK release). One nice feature that we should get with newer JDK versions is proper DPI awareness (e.g. detecting high-DPI displays on macOS and Windows).

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  1. Johann Scheiterbauer

    For our company we discussed how we'll handle the Oracle licence policy in future. I just analyzed what it would mean for us to switch from Oracle's JDK to OpenJDK (tested with the free distribution provided by Azul, called "Zulu"). As it looks like now, the changes wouldn't be that big, the main differences for us is that "Ductus" (2D graphics rendering engine) isn't available, as it is Oracle proprietary, so we'd have to replace our implementation based on it. Another argument for switching are the future license costs for the oracle JDK support. They are huge for our customers which are hospitals with thousands of work stations.

    We also plan to stay on JDK8 for some time because it is a huge project to change/test our whole JDK version until we can deliver to our customers. => I hope JDK8 backwards compatibility will still be supported by JCEF for some time.

  2. Bart Adriaanse

    Following the instructions in the Wiki I have compiled a win64 binary without too much effort, and i can easily do so using JDK11 instead of JDK8.

    Now does the resulting jar file qualify as a Java 11 version we can use for production or is there more work that needs to be done to achieve this ? The test program (detailed and simple) included seem to work just as well (it does throw exceptions if i try to enter a url in the address bar)

  3. Marshall Greenblatt reporter

    @adriaanse Testing is the primary requirement. There are some platforms-specific parts that rely on JVM internals and may not work as-is with JDK11.

  4. Bart Adriaanse

    Great, in that case I'll do some more testing and review the java code for more information.

    Looking good so far, audio, video, webGL render OK. I'll report back here if i find something that doesn't work.

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