Can’t initialize JCEF in Mac OS Mojave with OpenJDK 11

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Anton Folumenov created an issue

My Java app which uses JCEF works fine in Windows and Linux with OpenJDK 11. Now I have to run it in Mac OS Mojave with OpenJDK 11, but I can’t do it due to the problem with JCEF initialization.

The sample app for Mac OS, created within the process of building JCEF from the sources, runs fine.

So, I guess two options:

  1. Maybe I doing JCEF initialization wrong in my app. So please help me to find the proper example of JCEF initialization in Mac OS.
  2. The current JCEF version cannot be initialized in Mac OS at all. It can be real, because I have standard Mac OS with standard JDK and performed standard steps to build and run JCEF.

I got several problems with code signing and with paths. There were no such problems neither in Windows or Linux, but I found solutions. But finally, my app fails to initialize JCEF at native-method CefApp#N_Initialize with the following error message:

When, app stops with the message in console:

Process finished with exit code 133 (interrupted by signal 5: SIGTRAP)

Here is my code of JCEF initialization method:

if (!CefApp.startup()) {
  System.out.println("Startup initialization failed!");

CefApp cefApp;

final CefSettings settings = new CefSettings();
settings.windowless_rendering_enabled = true;
settings.remote_debugging_port = 9999;

if (CefApp.getState() != CefApp.CefAppState.INITIALIZED) {
  cefApp = CefApp.getInstance(settings);
} else {
  cefApp = CefApp.getInstance();

CefClient cefClient = cefApp.createClient();

My app fails at the last line, regardless of CefSettings parameters.

I performed following steps:

1. built JCEF in my Mac OS in /Users/username/projects/jcef as described at, section “Manual Building”, step 1.

2. Added JVM parameter to startup configuration, similar to configuration in Windows and Linux:

And got exception:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /Users/username/projects/jcef/jcef_build/native/Release/libjcef.dylib: dlopen(/Users/username/projects/jcef/jcef_build/native/Release/libjcef.dylib, 1): no suitable image found. Did find:
/Users/username/projects/jcef/jcef_build/native/Release/libjcef.dylib: code signature in (/Users/username/projects/jcef/jcef_build/native/Release/libjcef.dylib) not valid for use in process using Library Validation: mapped file has no cdhash, completely unsigned? Code has to be at least ad-hoc signed.

When I tried to sign libjcef.dylib with ad-hoc signature using command:
sudo codesign -f -s - /Users/username/projects/jcef/jcef_build/native/Release/libjcef.dylib
, and got another code signature error, but nothing changed at all. When I completely disabled System Integrity Protection by csrutil disable command in recovery mode (hold Command+R when power on and go to Utilities > Terminal) and became able to move forward.

3. The next error was:

dlopen /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/adoptopenjdk-11.jdk/Contents/Home/bin/../Frameworks/Chromium Embedded Framework.framework/Chromium Embedded Framework: dlopen(/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/adoptopenjdk-11.jdk/Contents/Home/bin/../Frameworks/Chromium Embedded Framework.framework/Chromium Embedded Framework, 261): image not found
Failed to load the CEF framework.

Due to unknown reason, JCEF was trying to find framework image in JDK's catalogue, instead of catalogue specified in java.library.path. After several attempts to solve that, I copied entire framework into JDK's catalogue, from

4.And got the error about icudtl.dat (it seems to be related to the 5 years old opened issue

[0815/] icudtl.dat not found in bundle
[0815/] Invalid file descriptor to ICU data received.

So, I copied icudtl.dat from
/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/adoptopenjdk-11.jdk/Contents/Home/Frameworks/Chromium Embedded Framework.framework/Resources/icudtl.dat
to JDK’s directory:

Finally, after all actions above were performed, I started my app and it was aborted at method CefApp#N_Initialize with the message:

Process finished with exit code 133 (interrupted by signal 5: SIGTRAP)

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  1. bilal.iqbal

    I am facing the same issue on MacOS Mojave with JDK 8.
    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /jcef_build/native/Release/libjcef.dylib: dlopen(*/jcef_build/native/Release/libjcef.dylib, 1): Library not loaded: @rpath/Frameworks/Chromium Embedded Framework.framework/Chromium Embedded Framework

    Referenced from: */jcef_build/native/Release/libjcef.dylib

    Reason: image not found

    Did you manage to solve this issue?

  2. Marshall Greenblatt

    @bilal.iqbal Does that problem reproduce with the JCEF sample apps?

    Note the build-related changes in 7f3a577a must also be applied to your application.

  3. bilal.iqbal

    @Marshall Greenblatt i git clone the code from this repository and followed the mentioned instruction for manual build on MacOS:
    When i try to run sample application the issue # 109 reproduced, , even after trying your suggested directory structure and script i am unable to run a successful initialization. Am i missing something? Please suggest. I am susing JDK 1.8.0_221 and Mac OS 10.14.6. Thanks

  4. Matthew Carmona-Gonzalez

    Also having this issue on Mac OS 10.15.4 and openjdk version "11.0.5" 2019-10-15 using the latest commit.

    Attempting to run a test browser using the following arguments and adding the appropriate java.library.path.

    When I attempt to run the program I get the same icudtl.dat discovery error from issue 109. I have also attempted using the library structure solution from 109 and get the same error.

    The sample jcef_app however runs normally.

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