CfrV8Value.GetValue returns null on valid array returned from EvaluateJavascript

Issue #65 closed
created an issue

Continued from Issue #64

CfrV8Value.GetValue(int) returns null instead of the value in a valid 2 element array in BrowserForm.evaluateJavascriptToolStripMenuItem_Click.

Last good commit: 685dd05 First bad commit: 7ef7d90

Which means the problem was introduced by CEF update from 3.2526.1366 to 3.2623.1395.

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  1. wborgsm reporter

    None of the relevant ChromiumFX files have been touched between the two commits. So this might be

    1) upstream problem in CEF or

    2) problem with CEF/ChromiumFX interop that was not a problem with previous versions of CEF.

  2. wborgsm reporter

    This issue continues open in 3.2704.0. But there seems to be a way to workaround this using ExecuteJavascript instead of EvaluateJavascript and pass the array in a JS callback function. Commit 92fb1c5 illustrates that.

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