dbf-chinese / TODO

* Do testing on non-windows platforms to find out whether the
  framework actually works on Windows. It should, but all testing was
  done on Linux.

* Test JDK 1.4.2

* Convert the README into Docbook and render it through the framework
  (Eat our own dogfood)

* Don't use Saxon directly. Use the <style> ant task and make Saxon
  configurable (use another processor, e.g. Xalan (eat Apache dog
  food... ;-) )

* The title pages still have some large gaps. Toy with the style sheets
  and titlepage.xml files

* Document the customizations in the custom.xsl files better

* Don't blindly add all the images from the docbook XSL distribution to
  the HTML directories. 

* Get better images for admonition and callouts.

* Maybe use SVG for PDF image rendering so the images scale.

* Force the examples (<computeroutput>) to be kept on one page.

* Add an ant task that can create the project specific build.xml file.