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+JCOD: A Java port of the libTCOD Library for Roguelikes
+No detailed writeup yet, just some bullet points.
+Compatibility notes:
+* Basic console drawing functions are all there with TCOD-compatible APIs and some extensions.  Exceptions below:
+* Colors are 32-bit RGBA, using LibGDX's Color class, which works quite differently than TCODColor.  For one, color
+  components are floats, not ints.  They're also mutable and passed by reference.  API functions won't hold on to
+  references you pass in, but getters may return refs directly.  This asymmetry is all about minimizing garbage, which
+  can be a problem on platforms like Android.
+* The "background flag" enums have been replaced by first-class blending function objects, and stock BlendMode enums
+  that work essentially the same.  Read the BlendMode javadoc for more info.
+* Image functions use GDX Pixmap objects, so only a couple functions are supported (blit and blit2x).  Key colors are
+  not supported -- use alpha instead.  Mipmaps are not supported and probably never will be.  Use of LibGDX is highly
+  recommended instead of JCOD image functions for most uses.
+* A couple noise functions are supported via a third party implementation, but I'll likely either replace them with
+  ports of the TCOD functions or remove them entirely (any generic noise implementation should work).
+* Not in JCOD:
+  + Containers - Java has perfectly good collections.
+  + Compression functions - ditto.
+  + Random numbers - java.util.Random is good enough.  MT can be had third-party.
+  + Filesystem functions - This includes the config format parser.
+  + Name generation - come on, really?