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Initial implementation of BSP

  1. David Patterson

Converted straight from jibtcod as much as possible. Still working through bugs but it outputs a map.

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  1. Chuck Adams repo owner

    Sorry, I have to reject this one for a couple reasons: This seems to have touched every file, several with null changes (perhaps file modes?) This makes it hard to see the actual changes being made.

    Also, the literalness of the port from libtcod is a bit concerning, as I'd rather have it use callbacks that were more generic, the way I did with the LOS system (which you do have my thanks for filling out more). Those callbacks don't take any external maps, but simply coordinates and a value, and any stateful context is maintained by placing the callback in an inner class. Essentially I'd like to be rid of TCOD's separate map/cell classes and just take a float[][] map of "walkability" in the same fashion as the FOV solvers. Only after getting a reasonably nice foundation like that would I want to entertain a TCOD compatibility class that does it the way TCOD does.

    I do appreciate that someone's taking the time to hack on jcod though, keep it up :)