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  1. Download the sources:
       hg clone

  2. Install maven if you don't have it already.
     Make sure the mvn executable is in your PATH

  3. Run an example: bin/launch sandbox.misc.SpinningSquare
     (Windows: bin\launch.bat sandbox.misc.SpinningSquare)


  This is a collection of simple demo apps using the LWJGL library for
  Java.  Most of them are taken from other sources online, or adapted
  from books such as the OpenGL SuperBible, and some of it is
  "original" work, such as it is.


  There's not a lot of organization, and documentation ranges from great
  to nonexistent.  Expect things to move around and get refactored a lot.
  There's no tutorials on math: I have a hard enough time with it
  myself.  I recommend Fletcher Dunn's book "3D Math Primer for
  Graphics and Game Development", which is cheap as math textbooks go.

  I don't cover applets, and don't plan to.  I can't stand applets,
  with all the platform brokenness that goes with them.  WebStart is
  better, but I'm not likely to bother with it either for now.

  I don't cover any deployment scenarios at all, such as how to
  package the native libraries.  Like "sandbox" implies, this is just
  a place to play around, not to build lasting artifacts.

USING YOUR IDE (with maven):

   First, run mvn compile in order to unpack libraries into target/natives.
   Eclipse users, use the command line -- it won't work from the IDE yet.

     * Right click on the project, select Properties, Java Build Path.

     * On the "Source" tab (leftmost) select the folder for src/main/java
       and "Native library location".  

     * Click "Edit", and "External Folder".

     * Select target/natives

     * Select "Run" from the menu, then "Edit Configurations".  

     * Expand "Defaults", select "Application". 

     * In "VM Parameters", add -Djava.library.path=target/natives
       (or /full/path/to/project/target/natives if you prefer)

     * MAKE SURE you edit "VM Parameters" and NOT "Program Parameters"!


  Thanks to the LWJGL maintainers for making their awesome library and
  being super-fast to fix bugs.

  Thanks to ruben01 for the maven packaging support, and to Diablo-D3
  for hosting the maven repository for the LWJGL 2.7.x series.

  Finally, thanks to all the friendly people on #lwjgl on  (You can find me there with the nick "sproingie")

  I'd like to thank the Academy ... hey where are you all going?

Recent activity

Chuck Adams

Commits by Chuck Adams were pushed to chuck/lwjgl-sandbox

5aae282 - removed scala and sbt support (it belongs in another project)
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