Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Chuck Adams
fixed wrong package
Chuck Adams
refactored wiki tutorial into single class
Chuck Adams
Flipped logic in printLogInfo so things actually work.
Chuck Adams
Added shader tutorial from wiki
Chuck Adams
Added VBO example
Chuck Adams
added missing textures
Chuck Adams
Moved Chapter9 to Chapter11
Chuck Adams
Moved Chapter08 to Chapter09 since the differences are so small
Chuck Adams
Added Chapter 8 Sphereworld
Chuck Adams
Added Chapter 6 Sphereworld
Chuck Adams
Added Chapter 5 Sphereworld
cleanups to spotlight
added port of spotlight demo
added memoization of rotation matrix
added port of OSB4e sphereworld from chapter 4
made perspective projection the default
generates a bakers dozen random tori now
fixed embarassingly dumb bug in moveForward
Removed redundant CameraTest
Fixed all the sign flipping going on to be back to a right-handed system again
renamed glMultMatrix calls because java's import is so dumb
made ground no longer shiny or ragged
SimpleCamera is now ActorFrame
changed key handling for smoother movement
fixed pitch rotation of camera
Camera rotations slightly broken, but otherwise okay
Start of an actually working camera class
removed broken methods, fixed and kept Quaternion-to-matrix methods
removed yet another useless broken port
added some ground to the torus
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