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 Manic Rift is a port to Scala of Markus "Notch" Persson's Minicraft game 
 written for the 22nd Ludum Dare contest.  Most of the port was done through 
-IDEA's "Paste as Scala" feature, and as such, contains some extremely 
-unidiomatic Scala code.  I'm in the process of converting all of this code to 
-proper Scala, and by going through the revision history you can see the 
-haphazard way I went about it.  The overall plan is to convert in three stages,
-with a fourth one later if I feel like it:
+IDEA's "Paste as Scala" feature, and as a result, has some very strange looking
+Scala code.  I'm converting it gradually (and kind of haphazardly) to idiomatic 
+Scala, and in the end hope to have a faithful port of the original.
-* First (done): 
-    * Move all java source to scala, without any regard for looks.
-* Second (in progress): 
-    * Fix weird autoconversion "anti-idioms" like loops and constructors.
-    * Replace most java datatypes with scala ones.
-* Third (hardly started):
-    * Convert everything to totally idiomatic scala, but still imperative.
-* Fourth (maybe):
-    * Go crazy with modern scala idiom, go mostly functional.  Not sure that
-      I would come out with anything recognizable if I did this, and it would
-      be a separate branch or fork in any case.
+If the mood strikes me, I might go further by doing more radical refactorings,
+changing internals, porting to libgdx and so forth.  I'll be sure to keep the
+old "faithful port" as a separate branch if I decide to do that.
 The license terms for Minicraft were never made clear, but Notch apparently released
 it for any use as long as other versions aren't called "Minicraft" (Manic Rift, in case