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+Manic Rift is a port to Scala of Markus "Notch" Persson's Minicraft game 
+written for the 22nd Ludum Dare contest.  Most of the port was done through 
+IDEA's "Paste as Scala" feature, and as such, contains some extremely 
+unidiomatic Scala code.  I'm in the process of converting all of this code to 
+proper Scala, and by going through the revision history you can see the 
+haphazard way I went about it.  The overall plan is to convert in three stages,
+with a fourth one later if I feel like it:
+* First (done): 
+  * Move all java source to scala, without any regard for looks.
+* Second (in progress): 
+  * Fix weird autoconversion "anti-idioms" like loops and constructors.
+  * Replace most java datatypes with scala ones.
+* Third (hardly started):
+  * Convert everything to totally idiomatic scala, but still imperative.
+* Fourth (maybe):
+  * Go crazy with modern scala idiom, go mostly functional.  Not sure that
+    I would come out with anything recognizable if I did this, and it would
+	be a separate branch or fork in any case.
+The license terms for Minicraft were never made clear, but Notch apparently released
+it for any use as long as other versions aren't called "Minicraft" (Manic Rift, in case
+you haven't figured it out already, is an anagram of Minicraft).