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template won't templatize content that's already a full html document

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 from string import Template
 from nom.filesystem import open_input_file
 from nom.handler import Filter, register_handler
+from nom.utils.html import has_html_tag
 from os.path import join, basename, splitext, exists
 import logging
     def _process_string(self, string, env):
+        # Skip template processing altogether if the string already
+        # contains a full html document.
+        isdoc = env.get('is-complete-html', has_html_tag(string))
+        if isdoc: return (string,env)
         basepath = nom.config.base_url
         if basepath.startswith('http://'):
             basepath = '/' + basepath[7:].partition('/')[2]


+from HTMLParser import HTMLParser
+def has_html_tag(content):
+    p = _FirstTagFinder()
+    fragment = content[:1024]
+    try:
+        p.feed(fragment)
+    except _TagFound, e:
+        return e.tag == 'html'
+    return False
+# There's no tag iterator interface to HTMLParser, so we use
+# exceptions to force a nonlocal exit.
+class _TagFound(Exception):
+    def __init__(self, tag):
+        self.tag = tag
+class _FirstTagFinder(HTMLParser):
+    def handle_starttag(self, tag, attrs):
+        raise _TagFound(tag)
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