django-cms-mycmsproject-toporojo / cms / models /

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from datetime import datetime
from django.db.models import Q
from django.contrib.sites.models import Site
from cms.publisher.query import PublisherQuerySet
from django.conf import settings
from cms.exceptions import NoHomeFound
from cms.utils import timezone

#from cms.utils.urlutils import levelize_path

class PageQuerySet(PublisherQuerySet):
    def on_site(self, site=None):
        if not site:
                site = Site.objects.get_current()
            except Site.DoesNotExist:
                site = None
        return self.filter(site=site)

    def root(self):
        Return a queryset with pages that don't have parents, a.k.a. root. For
        current site - used in frontend
        return self.on_site().filter(parent__isnull=True)

    def all_root(self):
        Return a queryset with pages that don't have parents, a.k.a. root. For
        all sites - used in frontend
        return self.filter(parent__isnull=True)

    def valid_targets(self, page_id, request, perms, page=None):
        Give valid targets to move a page into the tree
        if page is None:
            page = self.get(pk=page_id)
        exclude_list = []
        if page:
            for p in page.get_descendants():
        if perms != "All":
            return self.filter(id__in=perms).exclude(id__in=exclude_list)
            return self.exclude(id__in=exclude_list)

    def published(self, site=None):
        pub = self.on_site(site).filter(published=True)

        if settings.CMS_SHOW_START_DATE:
            pub = pub.filter(
                Q( |

        if settings.CMS_SHOW_END_DATE:
            pub = pub.filter(
                Q( |

        return pub

    def expired(self):
        return self.on_site().filter(

#    - seems this is not used anymore...
#    def get_pages_with_application(self, path, language):
#        """Returns all pages containing application for current path, or
#        any parrent. Returned list is sorted by path length, longer path first.
#        """
#        paths = levelize_path(path)
#        q = Q()
#        for path in paths:
#            # build q for all the paths
#            q |= Q(title_set__path=path, title_set__language=language)
#        app_pages = self.published().filter(q & Q(title_set__application_urls__gt='')).distinct()
#        # add proper ordering
#        app_pages.query.order_by.extend(('LENGTH(`cms_title`.`path`) DESC',))
#        return app_pages

    def get_all_pages_with_application(self):
        """Returns all pages containing applications for all sites.

        Doesn't cares about the application language.
        return self.published().filter(title_set__application_urls__gt='').distinct()

    def get_home(self, site=None):
            home = self.published(site).all_root().order_by("tree_id")[0]
        except IndexError:
            raise NoHomeFound('No Root page found. Publish at least one page!')
        return home