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from collections import defaultdict
import operator
from itertools import groupby

from cms.plugin_pool import plugin_pool
from cms.utils import get_language_from_request
from cms.utils.moderator import get_cmsplugin_queryset

def get_plugins(request, placeholder, lang=None):
    if not placeholder:
        return []
    lang = lang or get_language_from_request(request)
    if not hasattr(placeholder, '_%s_plugins_cache' % lang):
        assign_plugins(request, [placeholder], lang)
    return getattr(placeholder, '_%s_plugins_cache' % lang)

def assign_plugins(request, placeholders, lang=None):
    Fetch all plugins for the given ``placeholders`` and
    cast them down to the concrete instances in one query
    per type.
    placeholders = list(placeholders)
    if not placeholders:
    lang = lang or get_language_from_request(request)

    # get all plugins for the given placeholders
    qs = get_cmsplugin_queryset(request).filter(placeholder__in=placeholders, language=lang, parent__isnull=True).order_by('placeholder', 'position')
    plugin_list = downcast_plugins(qs)

    # split the plugins up by placeholder
    groups = dict((key, list(plugins)) for key, plugins in groupby(plugin_list, operator.attrgetter('placeholder_id')))
    for placeholder in placeholders:
        setattr(placeholder, '_%s_plugins_cache' % lang, list(groups.get(, [])))

def downcast_plugins(queryset, select_placeholder=False):
    plugin_types_map = defaultdict(list)
    plugin_lookup = {}

    # make a map of plugin types, needed later for downcasting
    for plugin in queryset:
    for plugin_type, pks in plugin_types_map.iteritems():
        cls = plugin_pool.get_plugin(plugin_type)
        # get all the plugins of type cls.model
        plugin_qs = cls.model.objects.filter(pk__in=pks)
        if select_placeholder:
            plugin_qs = plugin_qs.select_related('placeholder')

        # put them in a map so we can replace the base CMSPlugins with their
        # downcasted versions
        for instance in plugin_qs:
            plugin_lookup[] = instance
        # make the equivalent list of qs, but with downcasted instances
    plugin_list = [plugin_lookup[] for p in queryset if in plugin_lookup]
    return plugin_list

def get_plugins_for_page(request, page, lang=None):
    if not page:
        return []
    lang = lang or get_language_from_request(request)
    if not hasattr(page, '_%s_plugins_cache' % lang):
        setattr(page, '_%s_plugins_cache' % lang,  get_cmsplugin_queryset(request).filter(
            placeholder__page=page, language=lang, parent__isnull=True
        ).order_by('placeholder', 'position').select_related())
    return getattr(page, '_%s_plugins_cache' % lang)