django-cms-mycmsproject-toporojo / cms / templates / admin / cms / page / permissions.html

{% load i18n cms_admin %}
{% if permission_set %}
			<th>{% trans 'Page' %}</th>
			<th>{% trans 'User' %}</th>
			<th>{% trans 'Group' %}</th>
			<th>{% trans 'Can edit' %}</th>
			<th>{% trans 'Can add' %}</th>
			<th>{% trans 'Can delete' %}</th>
			<th>{% trans 'Can publish' %}</th>
			<th>{% trans 'Can change permissions' %}</th>
			<th>{% trans 'Can move' %}</th>
			<th>{% trans 'Can view' %}</th>
			<th>{% trans 'Grant on' %}</th>
			{% for meta, permission in permission_set %}<tr class="{% cycle 'row1' 'row2' %}">
					<td class="page">
						{% if meta.0 %}
							{% if meta.1 %}<a href= "/admin/cms/globalpagepermission/{{ }}/">{% trans '(global)' %}</a>
							{% else %}{% trans '(global)' %}
							{% endif %}
						{% else %}
							{% ifequal permission.page_id %}
								{% trans '(current)' %}
							{% else %}
								{% if meta.1 %}<a href= "/admin/cms/page/{{ }}/">{{ }}</a>
								{% else %}{{ }}
								{% endif %}
							{% endifequal %}
						{% endif %}
					<td class="user">{{ permission.user|default_if_none:"-" }}</td>
					<td class="group">{{|default_if_none:"-" }}</td>
					<td class="can_change">{{ permission.can_change|boolean_icon }}</td>
					<td class="can_add">{{ permission.can_add|boolean_icon }}</td>
					<td class="can_delete">{{ permission.can_delete|boolean_icon }}</td>
					<td class="can_publish">{{ permission.can_publish|boolean_icon }}</td>
					<td class="can_change_permissions">{{ permission.can_change_permissions|boolean_icon }}</td>
					<td class="can_move_page">{{ permission.can_move_page|boolean_icon }}</td>
					<td class="can_view">{{ permission.can_view|boolean_icon }}</td>
					<td class="grant_on">{% if meta.0 %}{% trans 'All' %}
						{% else %}{{ permission.get_grant_on_display }}
					{% endif%}</td>			
			{% endfor %}
{% else %}
	<p>{% trans "Page doesn't inherit any permissions." %}</p>
{% endif %}
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