'EventCategoryAdmin.fieldsets[0][1]['fields']' refers to field 'name' that is missing from the form.

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Leon Dwyer
created an issue

I'm hoping I'm not being a noob here. I'm wondering there is some problems with hvad. I'm running this on my osx python env?

Installed as described

Django==1.4.5 django-hvad==0.3 django-cms-simple-events==0.4.1

/Users/leondwyer/projects/pyrenees/env/lib/python2.7/site-packages/simple_events/admin.py in <module>

admin.site.register(EventCategory, EventCategoryAdmin)

/Users/leondwyer/projects/pyrenees/env/lib/python2.7/site-packages/django/contrib/admin/validation.py in check_formfield "is missing from the form." % (cls.name, label, field)) ...

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  1. Alejandro Núñez Liz repo owner

    Hi, To run the addon you need to delete the definitions of "fieldsets" in the admin.py file

    This week try to upload a new version solving two open issues.


    P.D: Delete this in admin.py:

    Line 12 to 16
    fieldsets = (
            ('Event category info',{
                'fields': ('name', 'slug'),
    And line 41 to 49
    fieldsets = (
            ('Event info',{
                'fields': ('name', 'slug', 'start', 'description'),
            (_(u'More options...'),{
                'classes': ['collapse'],
                'fields': ( 'time', 'end', 'categories'),
  2. Leon Dwyer reporter

    Unfortunately that just move the error on to the save function. when you save,

    Warning at /admin/simple_events/event/add/ Field 'name' doesn't have a default value

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