Opencv library not found

Issue #5 resolved
Jamie Terbeest
created an issue

When attempting install, Google Play presents a prompt indicating link to Opencv install is not available. When attempting manual install of library, DXF camera asks to wait for install completion after obvious completion (two full reboots later).

Please advise

Samsung Note 4

Thanks Jamie

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  1. Andrew Iannello

    Hi, I had a kogan angora 4g and the app worked fine. Recently upgraded to angora 4g pro with Android 5.0 and I keep getting an error. Opencv manager was not initialized correctly. Really hanging for this fix, as I use this allot.

  2. Carl Hughes repo owner

    Hi, I have quickly updated DXF Camera to use the Open CV 3.0 library and posted to the QubeCAD G+ community. Would you be able to check out the updated version and see if it has improved. I don't i access to an octacore device i am afraid.

    The community is at : and once a member I believe you can join the alpha at:

    It would be awesome if you could and either give feedback here or on the community post.

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