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Slan Blog

Yet another blog app base on Slan web framwork and Fantom laguage.


Config MySql

1. Get a Mysql and the JDBC Driver.

2. Place the JDBC driver in the "jre/lib/ext" directory. Classname is defined in "etc/sql/config.props" :


3. You need configure InnoDB as the default storage engine with this line in your "my.cfg":


4. Create a database named 'slanBlog'.

Install SlanBlog

1. Down and build the src code and Slan.

2. Modify the config.props if necessary.(keep the produce and test have same configuration)

3. Run the test(the testSuite will auto create all tables and init the database).

  $ fant slanBlog

4. If all test passed, run the service:

  $ fan web /D:/yourCodePath/slanBlog/

5. Open your browse and goto: http://localhost:8081/

Default blog user:admin, password:123 .