Bibliothekar is a tool to organize bibliographic information in a database.


Bibliothekar is written in F# 3.1 and was developed using MonoDevelop. It uses a number of libraries:

  • The Perst.NET persistence framework for storage,
  • iTextSharp PDF framework for PDF/XMP import,
  • Gtk# for the user interface,
  • Mono.Unix for internationalization.


Bibliothekar can be run without special arguments and offers a graphical user interface.

By default, it will store its database in the user's documents folder as Bibliothekar.dbs.

If you pass filenames to Bibliothekar when launching it, it will try to import those files into the database.

The program currently accepts the following command line options:

Option Meaning
-storage=FILE Use FILE instead of the default path for the database
-gc-threshold=BYTES Trigger automatic garbage collection of database pages when the threshold is exceeded
-fields=NAME,... Show the contents of metainformation fields with the given NAMEs in the main window
-roots=PATH:... Look for external files linked to the publications in the given PATHs