chrgen is a character sheet editor for the Gonkum role playing game.


If you downloaded a prebuilt copy, you can run the code in any modern web browser. Downloads with a XUL application structure are also available.

To build chrgen from source you will need an F# 4.0 compiler and .NET development environment. The .fsproj file in the source directory should be understood by command line tools like Microsoft's msbuild or Mono's xbuild as well as IDEs such as MonoDevelop or VisualStudio.

The build depends on WebSharper and some custom steps that are performed using a makefile. Simply run make in the chrgen source directory to build everything.


Launch the user interface, enter a description for your character and move forward through the tabs from left to right to configure more details. Once you are happy with your new persona, export it to HTML on the transfer tab.