Thomas Chust committed 7a0bdbc Draft

Ensure the pseudo root used in path derivations is always a unix path

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       (or/c string? #f) field-descriptor-proto?
+(define unix-root
+  (string->some-system-path "/" 'unix))
 (define (generate-racket req)
   (define types
                       (let-values ([(base name dir?) (split-path racket-file)])
-                           (path->complete-path racket-file "/")]
+                           (path->complete-path racket-file unix-root)]
                           [(memq base '(relative #f))
-                           "/"]
+                           unix-root]
-                           (path->complete-path base "/")]))
+                           (path->complete-path base unix-root)]))
                        (path-replace-suffix (string->some-system-path dep 'unix) ".rkt")
-                       "/"))))))
+                       unix-root))))))
              (for-each pretty-print (translate-types types proto))
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