virtualenvwrapper / ChangeLog

Full commit
2010-06-03  Doug Hellmann  <>

	* Escape the call to "which" so we don't use
	an alias by accident.

2010-05-22  Doug Hellmann  <>

	* tests/ Clarify some of the tests by breaking up,
	renaming, and rewriting some functions.

	* Makefile (PYTHON26): If we're in a virtualenv when the tests
	start, use a hard-coded path to the binary to get the global

2010-05-18  Doug Hellmann  <>

	* (virtualenvwrapper_tempfile): Use a trap to
	ensure the temporary file is removed when we exit.

2010-05-16  Doug Hellmann  <>

	* (virtualenvwrapper_tempfile): Set a default
	suffix of "hook" and explicitly report when we detect an error

	* Makefile (PYTHON26): Use which to find python2.6, the default
	interpreter, so we can run the tests as "make test-quick" on other

	* tests/ (test_tempfile): Normalize the paths so
	we don't depend on the value of TMPDIR or behavior of dirname.

	* tests/ Make sure the virtualenv from the caller does
	not influence test behaviors by establishing our own virtualenv

	* virtualenvwrapper/ (main): Add more debug logging
	to try to narrow down the tempfile issue (#35).
	(run_hooks): Insert a comment into the output file to show which
	hook we are running.

	* (virtualenvwrapper_run_hook): Add more
	debugging error reporting to try to narrow down the tempfile
	issue (#35).

2010-05-09  Doug Hellmann  <>

	* Tweak path normalization code so double
	slashes are also removed from WORKON_HOME. Use typeset for local
	(virtualenvwrapper_tempfile): Add -t option to mktemp so the new
	files are always created in the user's temporary directory.
	(virtualenvwrapper_run_hook): Add the hook name to the temporary
	file name.

	* tests/ Remove obsolete test.  Fix assertions
	for remaining test.

	* tests/ (test_hooks): Use pwd to convert
	WORKON_HOME to the expected value.

	* tests/ (test_python_interpreter_set_incorrectly): Rework
	grep-based assertion to actually pass.

	* Makefile (test-bash test-ksh test-sh): Remove wildcard build
	rule so test-quick target works.

2010-05-02  Doug Hellmann  <>

	* (virtualenvwrapper_run_hook): Instead of
	-m, use -c so hooks can be run under Python 2.4.

2010-04-29  Doug Hellmann  <>

	* tests/ Refactor deactivate tests into their own

	* tests/ Refactor deactivate tests into their
	own script.

	* (virtualenvwrapper_get_python_version): Add
	a comment about why we're using the $PATH python instead of the
	one where the wrappers are installed.
	(add2virtualenv): Use the install-tree python instead of the one
	from $PATH.
	(deactivate): Ignore errors from redundant unset calls.

2010-04-26  Doug Hellmann  <>

	* (virtualenvwrapper_tempfile): Add a suffix
	to the tempfile name so we know the tempfile module isn't going to
	erase it.