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Beastmaster 2: Through The Portal Of Time 720p


Foo Dar is a warrior who can talk to the beasts. He is forced to travel to Earth to stop his evil brother from stealing an atomic bomb and turning their native land from a desert into, well - a desert. If you are ever in the mood for a truly terrible film, it would be hard to find something that could even compare to this. I have spent a lot of time watching a lot of terrible movies just for the sheer joy I get from it, and man, this is one of the worst. This movie was so bad, I had to buy the third Beastermaster online. That one wasn&#39;t as bad, which is amazing since it was straight to video. This is one of those films that is hard to comprehend how it was made in the first place. I mean, someone had to actually have read the script (or many scripts, I&#39;m sure they made several drafts) and said &quot;Yeah, that&#39;s it. Here&#39;s some money.&quot; Actually, they probably just wanted to make a Beastmaster 2 before they even had a script, then went with whatever they had. Ack, horrible. So, if you are a fan of really bad movies, watch this one. It is a true classic, and film doesn&#39;t get much worse than this. And if it does, please let me know. This is the greatest example I can think of to prove the theory that when Hollywood runs out of good ideas, they make an awful sequel and ruin the first one. Now don&#39;t get me wrong, I absolutely love the first Beastmaster; I even liked the third one pretty good, but this movie is atrocious. I am a huge fantasy/sword &amp; sorcery movie fan and I hated to see such a terrible sequel made to such a classic as the first Beastmaster. So why do I hate this movie so much? Well, where do I begin? First of all, the whole idea of the movie is ridiculous. Dar and his evil older brother Arklon(who was nowhere mentioned in the first movie..Huh?) cross over into our world via a handy dimensional time-portal gate. Ya see, Earth just happens to be on the same parallel interdimentional plane as Dar&#39;s world. Whereas with the first movie, you&#39;re led to think the movie just takes place in the past, but with this one you&#39;re shown it&#39;s a completely whole other world altogether...that&#39;s just one of the many things I hated about this sequel. It didn&#39;t work with &quot;Masters of the Universe&quot;, and it sure doesn&#39;t work here either! Movies like this should take place and stay in their own time-line and their usual surroundings. For Christ&#39;s sake, what&#39;s next? Hercules in New, uh..bad example! Moving on...<br/><br/>Arklon&#39;s after a device called a neutron detonator to use as a threat against his enemies to rule his own kingdom. So, it&#39;s up to Dar, his ferrets,his eagle,and his tiger(not a spray-painted one this time) to go off and save the world...but along the way they have the help of a young, cool, and hip Senator&#39;s daughter who gets caught up in this whole mess and she show&#39;s Dar around L.A., takes him for a joyride in her BMW, and helps get him out of tight situations here and there. How convenient right? And speaking of convenient, I found it awfully convenient and easy for Arklon to sneak into a highly guarded military base and get away with a stolen, highly destructive nuclear weapon...even with half the U.S. Army and L.A.P.D. after him....waaaaay to easy, even for an evil barbarian sorcerer from another world. There are sooo many plot holes in this I don&#39;t know where to begin; like why did Arklon go to the L.A. zoo for at the end of the movie?!? He absolutely has no reason whatsoever to go there; and wouldn&#39;t that be like the last place you&#39;d lure your greatest enemy who just so happens to have the handy ability TO CONTROL ANIMALS?<br/><br/>And don&#39;t you just love these kinds of movies where the police are portrayed as total idiots and even with half a dozen cops firing at one guy, they still don&#39;t manage to hit him? The police in this movie belong in the &quot;Police Academy&quot; series! They are about as useful in this movie as reading glasses are for the blind! Even the title of the movie makes no sense: &quot;Beastmaster 2 : Through the Portal of Time&quot;...they never actually went through a &quot;time&quot; portal because the movie isn&#39;t set in the future of Dar&#39;s world, it&#39;s set in a parallel world along ours in the astral plane, so they NEVER actually go through time, only a dimensional world along theirs; so NO actual time-travel is involved at all! This movie tries to come off as funny and it does...not because of the humor, but because it&#39;s just so bad...and that&#39;s putting it mildly. The acting, dialogue, plot, characters, and ending are all so cheesy it&#39;s hilarious. What more can I expect from the guy that brought us &quot;Return of the Swampthing&quot;(another bad sequel)? Sorely missed here is Don Coscarelli&#39;s wonderful directing and serious feel of the first one!! Avoid this stinking piece of garbage like the bubonic plague and stick which the first one and maybe the third one if there&#39;s nothing better on T.V.


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