CRASH: Boolean Objects Cause Hard Crash

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Issue #6 resolved
Donovan Keith created an issue

Source - Cineversity Forums

C4D R19.053
UE 4.18.3
MacOS 10.13.2

So glad this plug-in has arrived but getting some fairly easy crashes.

Have a basic extrude setup and the normals are all over the place and Booles flat out crash the export on the UE4 side.

I was hoping this could be used for non-destructive editing from C4D to UE4 but maybe not.

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  1. Leo “Leho” Horovitz

    The changes I made to fix some other problems seem to have taken care of the problem with Booles, at least this scene attached here works for me. I'm not sure about the normals though, I've had problems with those before but I thought that was fixed now. I'll look into it.

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