Issue #3 resolved
Rick Barrett created an issue

In the attached file, run CV-TextureTag toggle. The material reference will be removed. Click again. The material reference does not return as expected.

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  1. Donovan Keith

    Good catch. I made some fairly significant changes to the code yesterday and I guess I broke some things.

    More notes for myself: - It works if you have the object selected and toggle. - It does not work if you only have the tag selected and toggle. - If you have something other than the first texture tag in the scene selected, all texture tags will toggle.

  2. Donovan Keith

    Version 1.01


    • Resolved Issue #4: Localize Texture Tag: If non-texture tag is selected, no tag will be created.
    • Resolved Issue #3: Texture Tag Toggles Off but not On

    → <<cset 417718a4309b>>

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