CV-Extrude: Option to Disable Roundings

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Issue #7 resolved
Donovan Keith created an issue

Suggested by @ brasco on MoChat Slack Ctrl+Click to convert to Extrude and have it not add Rounding

Also suggested by MAN0 on CGTalk:

Perhaps some default options in the preferences?

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  1. Donovan Keith reporter
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    1. Rounding off by default
    2. Select an extrude / lathe / sweep / loft and hold down Ctrl + Alt/Option and click on the plugin icon of the same type to update the default settings based on the selected object.
    3. An optional pop-up dialog (like CV-Lathe Splines) with three settings: --- Caps: None / Cap / Fillet Cap --- Steps: 5 --- Radius: 5cm
    • Should rounding settings apply globally across types (Lathe, Loft, Extrude, Sweep)?
    • Should altered settings stay with the scene, or should they be stored globally independent of scene?
  2. Donovan Keith reporter

    More suggestions from @ MANO

    the very best way IMO is to do it the way your "clean mode" plugin does. when you ctrl (or was it shift? dunno) on clean mode it saves as default filter. so with cv extrude or the rest if technically possible you set your favorite preferences in attribute manager (roundings, extrude x/y/z and so on) and ctrl click cv extrude.

    otherwise if not there a way to set the pop-up dialog as default settings for future tasks to avoid having a pop up dialog each time you click cv-extrude & co?

    source - Post here when update is made.

  3. Donovan Keith reporter

    Added simple options for Depth and Radius in f0192ef - Not the most robust system, but it largely addresses these requests. If Radius = 0, caps will default to Caps not Fillet Caps. This will be saved for all future uses of the command in that scene. If you want this to become the new default, run the command once, then save as New.c4d in your preferences folder. That should make it the new default moving forward.

    I did not implement the same for Loft as it's a less-used command and other issues have a higher priority.

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