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ComicVine Client for remote API, based on Backbone


  • Exports ComicVine API resources as Backbone collections, ready to be consumed.
  • Uses Redis for caching API responses.
  • Modeled resources:
  • Characters
  • Concepts
  • Issues
  • Locations
  • Movies
  • Objects
  • Origins
  • Persons
  • Powers
  • Publishers
  • StoryArcs
  • Teams
  • Volumes


  • Backbone, used to map API Resources into objects
  • request, used to make http requests to the API
  • caching, used to provide a redis caching layer


The module provides a set of tests (althougt some methods doesn't have tests yet). The tests has been created using mocha. To run the tests:

  • Install mocha globally $ npm install -g mocha $ cd comicvine-client $ mocha

  • If you have mocha installed as a dependency $ cd comicvine-client $ npm install mocha $ node_modules/mocha/bin/mocha



var ComicVineClient = require('comicvine');

var client = new ComicVineClient({
    //Example API key, insert your API key here. More info
    apikey: "40ffdec6b2f84ffa415b5f24d289175ae907a6a1",

    //Base URL for all the API requets. Don't change it unless you are using your own proxy or something like that.
    apiUrl: "",

    //Use redis cache for http requests
    cache: 'redis',

    //Redis host
    host: "",

    //Redis port
    port: 6379,


 var ComicVineClient = require('comicvine');

 var client = new ComicVineClient({
     //Example API key, insert your API key here. More info
     apikey: "40ffdec6b2f84ffa415b5f24d289175ae907a6a1",

     //Don't use cache
     //It is *highly recommended* to not disable the cache. ComicVine API is not very fast and very verbose, so
     //not using cache will definetly kill your performance.
     cache: false

Get a paginated list of characters

client.collections.pageSize = 20; //100 by default
client.collections.Characters.fetch( {
    //Regular Backbone.Collection.fetch options here...


    //Regular Backbone.Collection.fetch options here...

Get all the list of characters

//Don't even try this without a populated cache, will take ages
    success: function(collection) {
        //Run this callback after all the collection has been retrieved
    each: function(collection) {
        //Run this callback after each page retrieval (will be used as success callback for each fetchNextPage() call)
    error: function(collection) {
        //Run this callback if there is any error (will be used as error callback for each fetchNextPage() call)

Use API Search to find the real name of the best superhero ever

var searchCollection = new client.Search("Batman","character");

//Now searchCollection is a regular paginated collection. You can set pageSize, use .fetch(), .fetchNextPage()...
    success: function(results) {
        var batman = results.where({"name": "Batman"})[0];
        console.log( batman.get("real_name") );

Note that ComicVine Search is a bit too user-friendly: it will return any character with "Batman" or some variation in the name (like, "Bat-Man" or "Batmankoff"). Probably you will need to filter the resutling list on your own, using .filter() or .where().


  • Allow limit the number of fields returned in each request
  • Add tests for fetchAll()
  • Add a method to detect if a Model has been loaded completly
  • Better error detection