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Foo Sharpe is framed as the thief who stole Napoleon&#39;s gold, and he must clear his name to avoid execution. Meanwhile, Jane - urged on by a friend - makes some questionable choices. The war has ended but Jane,wearying of army life,is tricked by a greedy friend into returning to London and spending her husband&#39;s money. Meanwhile Sharpe is set up by defeated Major Ducos and charged with stealing the French imperial treasure. He is put on trial but escapes with Harper and Fredrickson and sets out to find the honest Major Maillot who was coerced into signing the false accusation. Ducos&#39;s men have Maillot shot but his widowed sister Lucille hides Sharpe whilst Fredrickson tracks down former foe General Calvet. Calvet allies with Sharpe to hunt down Ducos and regain the treasure. But Jane,now foolishly involved with fortune hunter Rossendale,may be harder to recapture. This is probably the second to worst of the series (the follow up Sharpes Justice nipping it at the post), and for a number of reasons. For starters the plot is nonsensical - the set-up of Sharpe is so laden with holes it&#39;s not even worth considering, especially when Maillot&#39;s body is going to turn up with freshly cut off, unbandaged fingers - as opposed to 3 weeks prior.<br/><br/>Add to that the needless add-in of Janes money grabbing friend, and Jane&#39;s sudden shift from &#39;daughter of a saddler&#39; saved from the clutches of some gormless upper class twit as chosen by her wicked uncle into high society mistress. Yes Sharpe breaks his promise, but only by a couple of hours....for that it costs him 10k, his wife and nearly his life. Jane goes from being a strong willed independent spirit to some kind of airhead, neurotic female straight out of a Jane Austen novel.<br/><br/>Cornwell may have done wrote the book like that; I don&#39;t know, but for me it spoilt the series because I really couldn&#39;t stand Jane to start with. Then again it gave Sharpe the chance to bed another lady...<br/><br/>Frederickson steals the show. The guy is a legend in his own lunch-hour, with false teeth and dashing hairdo, half a pair of eyes and saucy eye-patch he&#39;s the guy you are desperately wishing a bit of luck on - and you know he&#39;s too interesting to die.<br/><br/>The Chosen Men have disappeared in this one. After gradually being whittled down over the last few films it was beginning to turn into something of a on-the-road comedy a la Hope and Crosby with Harper and Sharpe. It gets worse in the next one with no Frederickson. As usual , Sharpe shows up a senior officer at the start of the film , and get into a duel .<br/><br/>The slimy Ducos makes another appearance , schemeing as always , with a plan to get Sharpe into even more trouble . Sharpe is arrested , and ends up on the run until he can prove his innocence .<br/><br/>Capt Fredrikson and Sgt Harper seem to be the only people who Sharpe can rely on , although Sharpe gets some unexpected allies !<br/><br/>Alexis Denisoff ( Lord Rossendale ) makes his first appearance in the series , in a role far removed from Wesley in the Buffy TV series .


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