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What is a Product?

The Products are the core of the Open Content Toolbox. Every Project, how small it may seem, consists of multiple Products that are worth sharing. To give a few examples of typical content production projects:

Portrait shoot

  • The briefing of the photoshoot: who is going to be photographed and why?
  • The article: most portrait are made to illustrate an article. This article might be worth sharing with the portrait too.
  • Location/light plan: even if the portrait was taken without a light and location plan, adding a location and/or light plan afterwards can be extremely valuable to people that want to reuse your material and/or learn about how the portrait was made. A small drawing of the placement of your Talent, camera and light (natural light sources like the sun, flash, reflectors, etc.) can be of great worth in the future.
  • Original files: the unedited files of the portrait shoot
  • Work files: the original file with adjustments in a format that allows others to pley with the adjustments. For example a photoshop file with adjustment layers.
  • Final files: the final result, like a flattened TIFF or JPG in a high resolution

Audio Interview

  • Transcript or questions as a text file: having a complete transcript makes it easier to translate the interview and to get a better idea of the context in which the answers where given. Even having just the questions that might have been written out before the interview is good to have in case a full transcript is not possible to make.
  • Original audio files
  • Work files
  • Final files

Why to share Products? Or: what did you put into that soup?!

The point of sharing all these files is that you do not know who wants to reuse the content in what way and what they need for that. Think about soup.

Let's say you were having soup at a friends place and you really liked the soup. You'd like to eat it more often. Your friend may have some extra soup left and gives this to you. This is like an edited photo: this is all there is. But what if you want to do more? What if you'd like to experiment with the soup to make it more to your liking? Or what if you want to have unlimited quantities. In that case you're better of with the recipe and (a list of) ingredients that went in the soup. In a portrait session the original Raw file that was captured by the camera can be considered as the ingredients of the soup. The work file, for example the Photoshop file that contains the Raw file and the adjustment layers, can be seen as the recipe. To facilitatie reuse as much as possible it is advised not to only share the soup, but also the ingredients and recipe.

Information of each Prodcut on the Project page

The folowing information can be seen of each Product on the Project page.

  • Project phase
  • Title
  • License
  • Status
  • Actions

The Product page

  • Product title
  • Permalink
  • Product description
  • [Team member]
  • Download URL
  • (Product tags)
  • (Product license)
  • (Project phase)
  • (Project)

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