Using node positions when we start learning from a model network.

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Issue #113 resolved
Francisco Javier Díez created an issue

In the model network tab of the learning dialog, the options "Use only node positions" and "Start learning from model network" should have checkboxes instead of radio buttons. I have realized it when trying to use both of them at the same time.

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  1. CISIAD repo owner

    I think they are fine as radio buttons, because the second option contains the first, that is, even if "Start learning from model network" is selected, the node positions are taken from the model network. That's why the first option says "Use only node positions".

  2. Francisco Javier Díez reporter

    We agree with you that it would be fine to leave them as radio buttons provided that the option "Start learning from model network" also used the positions of the nodes in the model network, which is not the case at this moment.

  3. jesus_oliva

    I left them as radio buttons and made the GUI use the node positions even with the "Start learning from model network" option.

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