PGMX networks are not encoded in UTF-8

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Issue #13 on hold
Manuel Luque created an issue

PGMX networks contain the text encoding="UTF-8" in the first line of the XML file. However, the file is not encoded in UTF-8, as we can see in the example of the Asia network that I am attaching here. (See for example the word "Anomalía").

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  1. Manuel Arias

    The variable name Anomalía is not encoded in UTF-8. OpenMarkov saves strings with accents, see attached file, so something strange happened.

  2. Manuel Luque reporter

    Maybe the strange character comes from an Elvira imported file. In any case, there are still strange non-UTF-8 characters in some packages (There are even some Javadoc comments in German...). Thanks a lot, Manuel.

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