Method getPruned in ProbNetOperations prunes incorrectly the network Asia

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Issue #14 resolved
Manuel Luque created an issue

When the method getPruned is invoked with evidence over variables "Tuberculosis" and "TuberculosisOrCancer" and interest variable "Dyspnea", the prune performed is incorrect.

Node "Tuberculosis" is pruned with a probability of 0.5362. However, node "Tuberculosis" should never be pruned, because its evidence acts jointly with the evidence on "TuberculosisOrCancer".

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  1. Manuel Arias

    Look ProbNetOperationsTest. Method testPrune3. The remaining variables are:

    Smoker Tuberculosis Cancer TuberculosisOrCancer Dyspnea Bronchitis

    and there are no changes in the code

  2. Manuel Arias

    If the result of a method invocation is different with probability 0.5362 let here the code that reproduces the problem and reopen the issue.

  3. Manuel Luque reporter
    • changed status to open

    A method "testGetPrunedMethodBN_Asia" has been added to class

  4. Manuel Luque reporter

    Good work Manuel! I've just checked that VariableElimination using the prune works now correctly.

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