Variable not appearing in discretization panel for learning

Issue #142 resolved
Manuel Luque created an issue

When trying to learn the attached CSV database, the last variable (named mean_colla_mark_std) does not appear in the discretization panel.

P.S.: The bug was detected with a database of one hundred of rows, but I'm attaching here a smaller database that reproduces the bug.

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  1. jesus_oliva

    The attached database contains only one case. Therefore, none of the variables can be discretized. Adding three cases to the database with different values solves the problem.

    Note that a variable that only takes one or two values is considered as binary and therefore, it cannot be discretized. Please, check whether that´s the case and, otherwise, please, attach the full database.

  2. Manuel Luque reporter

    I attach now the original database file.

    However, in my opinion, I think it is should be considered as a new issue the fact that OpenMarkov can not discretize a variable that has one value.

  3. Francisco J. Diez

    We (Manolo Luque and Javier) have checked that the problem is related with the GUI, but only in linux and Mac: it does not show the last variable in this case.

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