Code formatting and checking & code documentation.

Issue #144 resolved
Miguel Ángel Artaso Landa
created an issue

I think it could be worth thinking about setting up a code formatting and checking system. There are a couple of Eclipse plugins, CheckStyle and PMD, that help doing so. CheckStyle (, as its name stands, checks the code style. It also allows to export an XML file with the desired settings, so all the people involved in a project could use the same settings. On the other hand, PMD ( is a source code analyzer that seeks a number of potential problems.

A less feasible proposal is to use Intent ( to implement a better documentation in OpenMarkov. Also, I need to say I have not been able to look to it thoroughly, so this part of the proposal needs a further and deeper look. But I think it was worth mentioning.

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  1. Manuel Luque

    I think we should prepare basically three things related to this issue: 1. An XML formatter (or similar) for the code. (Miguel is giving ideas and Íñigo and Javier Vélez also had ideas with an XML file). 2. A set of coding and documentation rules. (Manuel Arias has a manual that could be the beginning...) 3. Some settings (I don't know if this can be stored in the file) for configuring the "Errors/Warnings" tab in Eclipse. For example, I think it is useful to change the option "Value of parameter is not used" from "Ignore" to "Warning".

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