Unable to set "relation type" to "Product" in a super-value utility node

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Issue #168 resolved
Ion Larrañaga created an issue

If there are several utility nodes in an influence diagram with a super-value node to join all of them, it's impossible to set the type of the super-value node to "Product". If "Product" is selected as "Relation type" everything seems to work, but after clicking "Ok" if the utility is edited again, the "Relation type" combo has reverted to the previous value. This only happens with "Product". All other values behave correctly.

It seems to be a problem with saving the "Product" value in the node, and not when re-entering the window to edit it again because if the type is changed from "Sum" to "Product" and inference is applied, the node keeps behaving as a "Sum" node.

An example of such an influence diagram is attached (Exercise4.3-super-value.pgmx). If the pgmx file is changed with a text editor (Exercise4.3-super-value-edited.pgmx) the "Product" value sticks and the node behaves like a "Product" node. Still, if the type is changed again to "Sum" in OpenMarkov, it is again impossible to reset it to "Product".

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  1. Iñigo Bermejo

    Dear Ion,

    I think you are using an old version of OpenMarkov (probably 0.1.3). This issue seems to be happening in 0.1.3 but it is fixed in 0.1.4 (our latest stable release) and 0.1.5-SNAPSHOT (latest unstable release). You can download them from:

    0.1.4: http://openmarkov.org:8081/nexus/service/local/artifact/maven/redirect?r=releases&g=org.openmarkov&a=org.openmarkov.full&v=0.1.4&e=jar 0.1.5-SNAPSHOT: http://openmarkov.org:8081/nexus/service/local/artifact/maven/redirect?r=snapshots&g=org.openmarkov&a=org.openmarkov.full&v=0.1.5-SNAPSHOT&e=jar

    Please, let us now if the newer versions effectively resolve the issue.

  2. Ion Larrañaga reporter

    Dear Iñigo,

    You are right. I have downloaded OpenMarkov 0.1.4 and it works as expected. I thought that 0.1.3 was the latest stable version, as 0.1.4 is not available in the web page (I could have tried the latest development version anyway to see if it had already been corrected.... my mistake).

    Thank you very much!

  3. Iñigo Bermejo

    Dear Ion,

    I will mark as resolved this issue then. We have also updated the web to point at 0.1.4 instead of 0.1.3.

    Thanks to you for reporting the issue.

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