"Show expected utility" does not show the utilities in the GUI

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Issue #191 resolved
Manuel Luque created an issue

When the user evaluates an ID in the GUI and clicks on the option "Show expected utility", OpenMarkov does not show the table of utilities.

I've debugged the code with the attached network, and when the execution reaches the line 118 of class PotentialPanelManager, method getPotentialPanel (String potentialType, String potentialFamily, Node node), with the next code:

instance = constructor.newInstance (node);

it does not terminate.

I've tried the analogous GUI option "Show optimal policy", and this does work.

I can help to solve the issue, but I cannot solve it alone because I don't know the details of the GUI classes.

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  1. Miguel Ángel Artaso Landa

    Fixed the initialization value of the variable setParentsStatesInTopArea, present in the method setParentsStatesInTopArea of the class TablePotentialPanel. When clicking "show expected utility", the window was not appearing because the variable was assigned the number of variables of the potentials decreased in one unit. The operation of decreasing this unit is only necessary when showing the window of the utility of a value node in edition mode.

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