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Issue #193 resolved
Manuel Luque created an issue

The decision tree shown by OpenMarkov for the attached decision analysis network is incorrect. It presents two problems:

  1. All the decisions should appear in the decision tree.
  2. The correct maximum expected utility is 4.

I don't know exactly the connection between the decision trees evaluation and the package org.openmarkov.inference.variableelimination. If they are connected then I could help to solve this issue.

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  1. Manuel Luque reporter

    Please, Miguel, it is better if you wait a bit and first Íñigo and I talk to see if we left these things ordered after August changes.

  2. Iñigo Bermejo

    There was a bug in the code that calculated whether an ordering was relevant by checking whether the set of nodes revealed by a decision was a subset of those revealed by another. In this case both sets were empty and therefore a subset of each other.

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